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Let’s face it; driving in this congested town is becoming more complicated. Let Audio 2000 help.
















In 2008, new laws will make driving while talking on a cell phone without a hands free device illegal. Not withstanding it is safer to keep your eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel without having to abandon your multitasking way of life. We offer a number of Bluetooth hands free solutions that allow for flawless voice command, automatically mutes the audio system and the conversation is heard through the car speakers.



Perhaps your newer car came equipped with sensors that assist you when reversing to eliminate blind spots. Audio 2000 can retrofit these devices into your car or SUV. Backup cameras are an excellent way of avoiding a mishap. We can install a tiny wide angle camera that gives you a view of what is behind you the instant you shift into reverse. The image can pop up on your existing navigation screen or on a separate monitor. The newest generation of cameras have digital calibration that can correct the image if the camera is installed off center and provide a parking grid that helps the driver estimate distance as well.

GPS Navigation:

Never get lost again. Audio 2000 installs infotainment systems that support navigation, iPod with full text, satellite radio, and Bluetooth. We also carry portables that can easily be moved from car to car. All with touch screen operation and voice prompt.


Vehicle Telematics

A new generation of GPS technology combined with internet and cellular communication. Audio 2000 can equip your vehicle with TrakNet. All the gear is hidden. The only person that knows it is there is you! An excellent tool for theft recovery or monitoring someone’s driving habits. Locate your vehicle 24/7 via phone or internet. If needed, this system can be set up to leave a “bread crumb” trail to provide travel history with a time stamp. Other optional features include low battery alert, remote door unlock (in case you are locked out), excessive speed notification, and theft alert. This is ideal for both commercial and consumer applications. Please feel free to contact us regarding your specific needs.